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Pamir Development Sdn Bhd. is a construction company set up in 1989 with the objective of carrying out building construction and infrastructural works.

Pamir Development Sdn Bhd. is synonymous with versatility and reliability in construction. The diverse knowledge of its leadership and engineering staff enables the company to offer a wide variety of construction services to meet virtually every aspect of a client's needs. Whether the project is on a turnkey basis, construction management, or other building and infrastructural services, we have the ideal project team to meet the client's goals. We are geared to efficiently perform virtually all types of construction work of different sizes and stages in the commercial and residential construction market.

With 30 years of experience in construction, Pamir Development Sdn. Bhd. has successfully completed more than 100 projects of building construction projects and infrastructural works in various parts of Johor, Malaysia. We are proud to be able to assure the completion of our projects on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.